Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment Impacts Your Overall Health

As you get older in age your body is not as strong as it once was. In your 20’s you could do anything and wake up the next day without being sore. Actually, you’d wake up and not even think about how your body feels – feeling good was an everyday thing. Once you hit your 30’s and then 40’s it seems like every morning you’re saying to yourself or your partner, “I think I slept wrong last night. My ______ hurts.”

Beyond age, how well we have each taken care of ourselves is a massive factor as well. The healthier your lifestyle, the less likelihood you deal with bone density, stiffness and joint pain or muscle soreness.

Depending on your lifestyle and family health history, overcoming the effects of age is something that everyone has to work through to one degree or another.

Lifestyle, family health history and age typically are the “parties to blame” for a decline in your overall health – one culprit that men and women typically don’t consider is their hormones.

Hormone replacement therapy is the practice of measuring your current hormone levels and restoring that level to optimum levels. This is also known as balancing your hormones. Balanced hormones contribute directly to minimizing and, in some cases, preventing the average muscle pain and soreness you experience now.

Our Chandler Live Well Center treats patients dealing with hormone imbalance using a breakthrough hormone replacement therapy known as pellet therapy. Many associate any form of hormone replacement therapy with restoring sexual desire as well as sexual drive, and that is an accurate association. However, many adults entering their 40’s and 50’s do not realize that hormone replacement therapy is an amazing treatment for improving your overall health.

Hormones and Your Bones

Hormone replacement therapy, as the name implies, has to do with treating your current hormone levels. Balanced hormones have a positive impact on your bones. How? For starters, testosterone builds 8.3% more bone each year. Since testosterone decreases every year starting in your 20s, this means that the positive impact testosterone has on your bones minimizes as well.

Your joints contain pre-cartilage cells; testosterone causes that pre-cartilage cell to develop into cartilage. When testosterone is low, your body is not transforming that pre-cartilage as rapidly as it would with balanced hormones. This leads to feeling more pain and soreness in your bones.

In addition to transforming pre-cartilage into cartilage, testosterone also aids in building muscle. Just like with bone strength, if you have low testosterone you are not building enough muscle.

Through hormone replacement treatment, like the aforementioned pellet therapy, your testosterone levels go up, causing a reaction in your body that impacts bones and muscle development. While the benefits to your libido (sexual drive) can be felt, the bone cartilage and muscle development is a longer process, taking 18-24 months before you can begin to see a chiseled look (guys, you read that right – a chiseled look).

It should be noted that it’s not unusual to gain weight when initially participating in a hormone replacement therapy because muscle weighs more than fat and the development of that muscle begins to kick in. However, the weight will start coming down.

Hormones and Your Vision

Another area you may be surprised to learn is positively impacted from balanced hormones is your pain. In full disclosure, these results vary to a greater degree than those listed above. However, it is common enough to be worth noting.

A patient visiting our Chandler center had previously experienced retinal detachment and, as a result, underwent multiple eye surgeries. The whole experience caused him to have horrible eye pain. The only solution to help control the pain prior to visiting us was using prescribed narcotics.

After starting hormone replacement therapy, pellet therapy, the pain went away in three weeks. Some of the pain has returned since the initial relief but he describes it as, “nothing compared to what it was.”

Hormones and Your Health

Pain in your bones, muscles and even your eyes can be treated with hormone replacement therapy but it doesn’t end there. Here are some additional benefits to overall health:

  • Hormone therapy will help raise your good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.
  • Women will see a marked reduction in their risk for Alzheimer’s with pellet therapy due to the inhibition of amyloid plaque in the brain–which leads to Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • If you suffer from depression, balanced hormones will help. For women, the symptoms of menopause can start 15 years before menopause happens, and patients in their late 30’s or early 40’s may begin experiencing symptoms of depression. Women who are pre-menaupasal do not receive any benefit from depression medication because of their hormone imbalance.
  • Overall smoothing out of mood swings.

Hormone replacement therapy such as pellet therapy has many benefits, and if you are in your 40’s or 50’s, you can’t ignore it as a treatment solution.

Pellet therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution and this is a good thing. Your treatment begins with an initial consultation which includes a test to determine current hormone levels. From there, a treatment plan is created for you to return your hormones to optimum levels.

If you are interested in learning more about our hormone replacement treatment, pellet therapy, please call our Live Well Center at 480-752-7600. The Live Well Center is located in suite #25 at Warner Family Practice. Patients can enter that suite from the south side of the building.

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