Live Well Wellness Center

Integrated medical services can help you increase your quality of life and find relief to your symptoms.

Live Well Wellness Center is located on the opposite (south) side of the building in suite #25. To make an appointment call 480-752-7600.
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Integrated Medical Services is gaining in popularity and don’t be surprised if you hear more about this alternative to traditional medicine. We’ve wanted to add integrated medical services for quite some time – we’ve been waiting for the right time, with the right staff to provide the kind of care our patients have come to expect.

With that said, it’s exciting to share that we have opened up a new and separate practice for integrated medical services called Live Well Wellness Center.

Why Integrated Medical Services Matter to You

Even though integrated medical services is becoming more and more mainstream, there are still a lot of questions regarding services, treatments and the overall effectiveness of medicine. We completely understand. Live Well Wellness Center exists to educate patients in alternative medicines that are proven and provide options for care in treatment when no options were previously available.

Some of the services we are offering immediately include:

  • Hormone Optimization
  • Aesthetic services including Collagen, Botox®, Micro-needling, Juvederm® and Restylane®.
  • Immune Boosting IV Therapy
  • Prolotherapy and PRP
  • Acupuncture
  • Detox and nutrition

Live Well Wellness Center Providers

Merle Turner, DO

Merle Turner, DO is Warner Family Practice founder and Medical Director. After a short-lived retirement he has returned to seeing patients at Live Well Center.

Dr. Turner has spent years researching hormone therapies that could serve as a viable alternative to traditional testosterone and estrogen treatments. Dr. Turner discovered and researched a method that excited him to the point of returning to the office and beginning to see patients – post retirement.

BioTE Hormone® Therapy provides unparalleled results; after spending the fall of 2016 working with a small group of men and women to balance hormones, Dr. Turner is accepting appointments for all patients seeking hormone pellet therapy.

Dr. Turner received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Anderson University in 1970 and Medical Degree from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in 1975.

Michelle McConnell, NMD

When you visit Live Well, you will be delighted to meet our in-house naturopathic doctor, Michelle McConnell, NMD.

Dr. McConnell received her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology degree from Arizona State University in 2000 and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014.

Dr. McConnnell approaches patient care with value placed on education and treatment through proactive tools that avoid or lessen health risks immediately and in the future.

Dr. McConnell knows the importance of preventative care. “When you put an emphasis on preventative care, it offers a longer, higher quality of life, and empowers a person to pursue what matters in their life.”

For Dr. McConnell, practicing medicine is more than her job, it’s about improving and fostering human connections. “Deeper human connections teach us about life, love and ourselves.”


“If you believe an investment into your own health, well being and happiness is a far better deal than paying for the treatment of illness, what are you waiting for? I urge you to visit the Live Well Wellness Center.”

Richard F.Google Review

“It has been over a year since I first heard of Dr. Michelle McConnell and decided to make an appointment with her. It has been one of my best decisions. Dr. McConnell always greets you with a smile and a hug. She is always just pure sunshine when she walks toward you. She has an attitude that always conveys great warmth and concern. She is very relaxed but professional and knowledgeable.

Dr. McConnell always takes time to listen to my concerns and willing to work together to achieve a personalized healthy life plan with also my goals. I finally have hope with faith and trust again in my doctor, Dr. Michelle McConnell.”

Carol J.Google Review

“After years of hospitalizations due to extreme nausea and vomiting, false diagnosis by my primary care and GI doctors, and the misery of submitting to the same tests (endoscopes, colonoscopies , gastric emptying studies, and HOURS of waiting while testing allergic reaction to fructose, sucrose and dairy) and at the end of it all was just left with a higher dose of prescription antacids and no gallbladder or appendix. I felt hopeless and fed up with just being told that I just am susceptible to creating a perfect storm in my gut and will just continue to have periodic “flare-ups”. Unacceptable for a working husband and father of 4.

But, in just in just a few weeks of working with Dr. McConnell, my prayers have been answered. Admittedly I was skeptical at first due to all the past failed attempts and working in the traditional “western” medicine channels and because “how could simply editing my diet and introducing supplements fix my MAJOR stomach problems and discomfort?”. Well, I won’t say sticking to a strict diet is easy….especially at first, but it has made ALL the difference in the world. In just 2 months I’m no longer in need of taking any of the pharmaceutical prescriptions, having no reflux, stomach, or bowel irritability, lost a ton of body fat, and even decreased my blood pressure. I don’t know that I’ve felt this healthy my entire adult life and I highly recommend visiting Live Well, because Wellness is truly what they have to offer.”

Ryan K.Google Review

“As a nurse, Warner Family Practice has been my trusted Medical Home for decades. When the Live Well service line opened I was pleased to have new care options. Dr. McConnell, NMD is my first naturopath provider. She is very knowledgeable and has great interpersonal skills. I came for evaluation of ligament and tendon issues trying to stay off surgery to tighten up my ankle. I was having trouble walking and my ankle was inflamed and very painful. After the initial consult, it was determined PRP was the best path for me. The first injection dramatically brought down the inflammation and my pain level began to decrease. Within three days of the second injection, my gait changed and my walking became more stable. As I approach my third injection, I am looking for greater stamina for long hours in my walking and the last bit of ache to resolve. This has been a life-changing experience and would highly recommend Dr. McConnell.”


“The injuries of our youth come for a second visit as we mature. While caring for my family I reinjured my knee causing a slight tear in my meniscus. I saw an Orthopedic Knee Specialist and was told a steroid injection, physical therapy, and a brace would help until, hopefully, this episode resolved. The highlight being, I would need a knee replacement in future years. Six weeks later, I was still struggling along making work very difficult due to physical limitations and pain. I heard about Live Well through a relative. I met with Dr. McConnell, NMD and learned about PRP helping in healing specific types of meniscus tears. The MRI showed I was a candidate for PRP. This has been an amazing health journey. The first injection began to resolve the pain. The second injection brought more stability to my knee and continued to decrease the pain. I checked in with the knee specialist as planned. He was surprised and pleased that I no longer needed narcotic pain medication or anti-inflammatories and my knee was more stable. Since my third injection, my discomfort requires an occasional aspirin and my cane is no longer needed. As I approach my fourth injection, I expect the occasional discomfort to resolve. I would highly recommend PRP therapy and Dr. McConnell, NMD on your path to health.”



Hormone Therapy

We humans have around 50 hormones in our bodies and 10 different glands from which they are secreted. For the most part, we are unaware of what they do in our bodies on a daily basis. But if we have a shortage of one or another of these hormones, we become uncomfortably aware of their function.

Aesthetic Services

Anti-aging medicine is the fastest growing area of medicine today. Aesthetics is only one aspect of anti-aging medicine. When we consider the concept of aging, it’s important that we begin at the foundation of health. Dr. McConnell’s aesthetic treatments include Collagen, Botox®, Micro-needling, Juvederm® and Restylane®. PRP (platelet rich plasma) can be added to certain treatments as a natural form of enhancement.

Detox and Nutrition

Detoxification is a process of giving the body a break from what it does every day in order to replenish all the compounds needed to keep us healthy.

A good detox can increase your energy level, improve sleep, memory and concentration, balance hormones, improve digestion and skin complexion. It may also help with cravings and losing weight.

IV Therapy

IV therapy is a great way to keep nutrient levels up so that all of your body systems have everything they need to function at optimal levels. In the end it’s not about what we eat, it’s about what we absorb.

Prolotherapy & PRP

Prolotherapy, short for proliferative therapy, is an injection technique designed to stimulate the body’s ability to heal a particular area that has been injured or undergone tissue damage. Prolotherapy can help heal torn ligaments and tendons, in turn stabilizing joints such as knees, elbows and ankles. Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is another procedure that can provide more complete healing. It can help in wound healing such as burns, diabetic ulcers and post-ligament reconstruction surgery.


Acupuncture is the art of placing thin, therapeutic needles into strategic locations on your body to stimulate energy or nerve centers. Best known for treating pain, acupuncture can treat anything from a common cold to chronic disease. Research has provided more reliable evidence of acupuncture’s value in treating nausea, dental pain, back pain and headache.

Live Well Wellness Center is located on the opposite (south) side of the building suite #25. To make an appointment call 480-752-7600.
Fax: 480-456-8919