Allergy Drop Treatment Changed My Life – It Will Change Yours, Too

Let’s talk about allergies.

You wake up in the morning, your head hurts, your eyes are bloodshot, there are black circles under your eyes. No, you don’t have a hangover. When your allergies are out of control, you don’t sleep well, your nose is stuffy and runs constantly, your eyes itch and you sneeze a lot.

You’ve probably used over-the-counter medicines, and perhaps you’ve visited an allergist to talk about allergy shots.

If you’ve tried several allergy treatments and your allergies are still causing frustration, you will be interested in sublingual immunotherapy or, allergy drop treatment. Allergy drops really work, and if you want relief from the headaches, watery eyes and hangover feeling, you will want to visit with a healthcare provider like our Tom Willim, PA-C, to discuss how they can work for you.

Tom Willim has been with Warner Family Practice since 2013. In that time, he has treated countless patients with allergy drops, many experiencing almost unbelievable results.

Below is a letter from a female patient of Tom’s who experienced life-changing results with allergy drops. We are excited to share it with you.

I started seeing Tom Willim, P.A. over nine years ago when I moved to Arizona. He was one of the very few medical professionals that took the time to not only treat the current symptoms, which for me were reoccurring sinus infections and severe headaches since childhood, but to also look at my overall health. Tom gave me allergy testing and thought I could benefit from his allergy program. For the first time in 35 years, I stopped having debilitating headaches and no longer have two to five sinus infections a year. It is a relief to avoid the misery of sinus infections as well as the antibiotics that I would need when they would sometimes get imbedded into my system. Also, if I get a headache now, ibuprofen will take it away immediately – no more two to three days of agony.

Even better is that my family has benefited from it, too. In Florida before we moved out here, I had brought my son to an allergist and he said “he could not find anything he was allergic to, but he sure has a lot of drainage for someone without allergies.” That was not very helpful! After my success, my then 13-year-old son started the drops and he too stopped having multiple sinus infections a year. He said he felt much more “clear headed,” had more focus and could pay attention more to his studies than he did prior to the drops. He is 22 now and graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from ASU this December. Two years ago, my husband started having problems with clogged tear ducts in his eyelids and had to have surgery on them. His eyes started itching again and we were afraid that we were headed down that road again. Once again with Tom taking the time to listen, my husband is on just one drop a day and his eyes are all better.

I am glad to hear that the drops are going more mainstream and that I am hearing about them on programs such as the Doctor Oz show and reading about them in Reader’s Digest. I cannot overstate how much they have changed my and my family’s lives.

– Holly Chalcraft

After you begin using Allergy Drops, it should not surprise you to wake up in the morning after a great night’s sleep, pain-free, looking good and feeling refreshed.

If you suffer from allergy-related illness like Holly and her family, call our office and ask to meet with Thomas Willim, PA-C, who has done extensive study in allergy and asthma symptoms and treatment with allergy drops. If, during your visit with us, it is discovered that you are a good candidate for allergy drops, you will walk out that day with your first treatment.

Call our office now, 480.831.8457.

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